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Rider Info

Riding: Yamaha backcountry rider

Name: Jason soucie

Age: 31

Birthday: October 11 1984

Favorite color: black/white ha ha

Sled: Yamaha Viper

Sponsors: motorfist, yamaha, sledwraps, Lincoln County customs, Nw sledder, slp, blownmotor, fly racing, critical sled, sled junkies, Evs, Isled, Bca

Quotes from Jason:

2 seasons ago, few buddies and I were coming out of the greys in Alpine in a straight down pour of rain, and when we got into the shop (Lcc) it looked like we had just got out of the shower. . Gear was soaked on the outside. ... but after gearing down, there was not one drop of water that got inside! Such great gear!

Reason I Ride: snowmobiling is more than a hobby, it's a passion. There's really nothing that can beat a day of riding in the mountains with your friends. Blizzard or sunshine.  There's nothing better!

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