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Rider Info

Name: Luke Sander

Age: 34

Birthday: March 15, 1982

Riding Type: Technical and controlled backcountry riding.

Favorite Color: Red or Orange

Sled Brand: Polaris

Sponsor list: Motorfist, TKI (Tom Kobza Industries), SCS Unlimited, Driven Powersports, Snow Pulse, Surf Wyoming, KMOD, Bighorn Design Studio, Mammut, MSD,
Achievements: Owner of Off the Grid Outdoors LLC


Why Motorfist?: My goal is to teach people the art of controlled backcountry riding. Throughout this process I end up in the “trenches” so to speak, digging, pulling, and sweating to get them unstuck, unbroken, or out from underneath their sled. Motorfist’s gear is hands down THE best gear for keeping me dry and warm while still being light and flexible for the agile riding I want to do. Whether it’s smashing through timber while exploring new country or being used for traction by clients and friends, the gear holds up and looks great season after season.

What is the real deep down reason you participate in this sport: Since age 4 snowmobiling has always had priority in my life and has dictated everything I’ve done from where I chose to go to college and where I chose to live. In the winter I dedicate every possible day to riding. In the off months I spend my free time in the mountains preparing for the next season. Snowmobiling is my passion because the possibilities of where I go and what I do are only limited by myself. There’s always a challenge to find, and I enjoy pushing my limits to be a better rider. I also love teaching people the ins and outs of backcountry riding and seeing them realize all the different terrain they too can learn to ride. I am appreciative that with my business i’ve built relationships with the industries biggest names, and can offer others the opportunity to ride with the best locally. My magic moment though, is when I find that new secret spot i’m always looking for, or when I take my sled someplace I never thought I could; those are the moments that define me and my obsession to ride.


Luke has been a key part of the Motorfist team for years.  He continues to push for the industry and break the mold of what a sponsored athlete is and should be.

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