Snowmobile Socks

MOTORFIST has always amazed riders with our American-made products’ innovative features. We are also proud to say that we design and manufacture gear for snowmobile riders, making us one of the most preferred brands for riders to purchase snowmobile socks from in North America.

What kind of rider are you?

Our Sub Zero Socks are made with merino wool that is known to repel moisture while keeping riders' feet dry and properly ventilated throughout the day. The Tech Gray/Hi-Vis Socks are great for high-performance riders while being soft and mid-weight.  The Tundra Socks are thick, made for high performance, and made with padded wool. Lastly, our Wix Socks are perfect for riders looking for something with high-performance qualities and lightweight features. MOTORFIST specializes in snowmobile socks suitable for your ride and also the terrain you are riding on.